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In the footsteps of history: Discover the legacy of the D-Day landing beaches

The D-Day landing beaches in Normandy remain silent but powerful witnesses to one of the most significant pages of modern history. Walking through these pristine stretches of sand, now peaceful, offers a moving and instructive experience, recalling the courage and sacrifice of thousands of men who stormed these shores to liberate Europe from the Nazi yoke during the Second World War.

The Historical Itinerary

Begin your journey at Omaha Beach, one of the most famous D-Day beaches, where thousands of U.S. troops faced heavy fire to establish a crucial beachhead. Visit the Colleville-sur-Mer American Cemetery, where more than 9,000 fallen American soldiers are buried. The emotion will overwhelm you in front of the perfect alignment of the white crosses that stretch as far as the eye can see.

The American Cemetery of Colleville-sur-MerThe American Cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer, located on the Normandy coast in France, is one of the most moving and emblematic sites of the Second World War. Built as a tribute to the American soldiers who fell during the Normandy landings and the battles that followed, this cemetery is a testament to the ultimate sacrifice these men made for freedom and democracy.

The history of the cemetery dates back to 1944, when Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe from the Nazi yoke. Colleville-sur-Mer was one of the key landing points, and heavy fighting took place there. Following the liberation of the region, the Americans chose this site to establish a temporary military cemetery to bury their fallen soldiers.

In 1945, the U.S. government decided to turn the temporary cemetery into a permanent final resting place for soldiers. The French authorities generously offered the land for this purpose, and the project to build the cemetery was launched. The design and construction of the cemetery was entrusted to the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC), a U.S. federal agency responsible for commemorating American soldiers who fell overseas.

The cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer was designed to be a place of contemplation and respect, reflecting the greatness and dignity of the men and women it honours. It sits on a ridge overlooking Omaha Beach, offering panoramic views of the calm waters of the English Channel. The graves are precisely lined and covered with immaculate white crosses or Stars of David, each marked with the soldier’s name, rank, and date of death.

Funding for the construction and maintenance of the cemetery was provided by the U.S. government, which invested considerable resources to create a place of remembrance worthy of those who rest there. Funds were also raised from U.S. individuals and businesses, demonstrating national support and appreciation for fallen soldiers.

Today, the American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer remains a place of pilgrimage for millions of visitors from all over the world, who come to pay tribute to the heroes who fell for freedom. It symbolizes courage, sacrifice and solidarity among nations, and remains a poignant reminder of the horrors of war and the need to preserve peace.

Continue your journey to Utah Beach, where U.S. troops successfully landed, and explore the Utah Beach D-Day Museum to gain a better understanding of the events that took place here.

Utah Beach Next, travel to Juno Beach, where Canadian troops led a heroic assault despite fierce resistance.

Juno BeachEnd your tour at Gold Beach and Sword Beach, where British and Allied forces played a crucial role in the liberation of Normandy. Take the opportunity to visit the D-Day Museum in Gold Beach and the Atlantic Wall Museum in Ouistreham to deepen your knowledge of this key period in history.

Living Memory

Every year, moving commemorations are held on the D-Day landing beaches to honour the memory of fallen soldiers and celebrate the liberation of Europe. Veterans, dignitaries and families from around the world gather to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

Transmission of remembrance

It is essential to preserve the memory of the events that took place on the D-Day landing beaches for future generations. Guided tours, exhibitions and museums are all ways of passing on this history to younger generations and perpetuating the duty of remembrance. By understanding the sacrifices made nearly 80 years ago, we can better appreciate the peace and freedom we enjoy today.

Visiting the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy is much more than just a sightseeing excursion. It is a duty of remembrance and a moving experience that allows us to pay tribute to the brave soldiers who fought for freedom. Whether you’re a history buff or just curious about the past, a visit to these iconic sites will leave an indelible impression on your mind.

To make your journey to the D-Day landing beaches easier, here are the kilometre distances between the main airports and the historic sites:

Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG):

Omaha Beach: approx. 280 km

Utah Beach : approx. 370 km

Juno Beach : approx. 320 km

Gold Beach : approx. 330 km

Sword Beach : approx. 330 km


Paris-Orly Airport (ORY):

Omaha Beach: approx. 290 km

Utah Beach : approx. 380 km

Juno Beach : approx. 330 km

Gold Beach : approx. 340 km

Sword Beach : approx. 340 km


Beauvais-Tillé Airport (BVA):

Omaha Beach: approx. 320 km

Utah Beach : approx. 410 km

Juno Beach : approx. 360 km

Gold Beach : approx. 370 km

Sword Beach : approx. 370 km


Caen-Carpiquet Airport (CFR):

Omaha Beach: approx. 50 km

Omaha Beach: approx. 50 km

Juno Beach : approx. 25 km

Gold Beach : approx. 35 km

Sword Beach : approx. 30 km


Rennes-Saint-Jacques Airport (RNS):

Omaha Beach: approx. 210 km

Utah Beach : approx. 300 km

Juno Beach : approx. 250 km

Gold Beach : approx. 260 km

Sword Beach : approx. 260 km

When planning your trip, take these distances into account when choosing the most convenient airport and organizing your trips to the D-Day landing beaches.

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